Education - Adult Confirmation

Adult Instruction classes are scheduled according to need with the pastor.  These classes are for those who wish to know more about what we believe in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, or are thinking about becoming members of our congregation.  The number of classes depends largely on the needs of those taking them.  Typically, for someone who is not familiar with Lutheranism we may schedule roughly 16 classes to explore the main teachings of our Church.  These are doctrinal classes that delve into God's Word and compare that Word with teachings of both Lutheranism and other denominations.  We believe that when one joins a Church they are confessing the particular faith of that altar.  It is essential then to know what that congregation and Church body actually does believe and why it believes it.   We seek to answer any questions people may have and adopt whatever pace of study is most amenable to those involved.  At the end of our course those who have completed it are given the opportunity to say their either agree with our teachings and wish to join our congregation or do not agree and do not want to join.  There is no pressure to have to join at the end of our classes.  Some participants may even wish to go through another round of instruction to digest the material better before they make a decision about their membership.