Education - Confirmation

At St. John's  we take seriously the importance of teaching the faith to our children.  Our goal is to teach the children the fundamentals of Holy Scripture by using Luther's Small Catechism.  Every week the confirmands examine a section from the catechism.  We discuss it at length in class, then return the following week and take a 10 point quiz on the material previously  discussed.  In addition to taking a 10 point quiz each week confirmands are also expected to memorize a portion of the Catechism and write it out.  They also must memorize verses of Holy Scripture and be able to write them out.  A typical class period will last about an hour and follow this format:


0 - 25 minutes - 10 point quiz on first commandment, write out first commandment with meaning, write out verse #5 and 6 from the Catechism.

26 - 55 minutes - Go through the next section of the catechism, which involves looking at the 10 point quiz for the next week and addressing the questions that will be asked.

55 - 60 minutes - closing prayer and dismissal.


We believe in the importance of memorizing both passages from God's Word and the elements of the catechism.  God's truth must be lived in the world without looking at a text book.  Memorization puts God's Word within the hearts of the children and will enable them to draw on God's Word in the moment of their need because they will remember what it says.  We do not want the children to think of confirmation as "class work" or "book work."  We want them to think of it as a time to grow in faith so that their lives can lived out as faithful children of God in the world.  Because we want the children to understand what they learn in class as a pattern of life at all times, we also expect all confirmands to be in Church on Sunday morning.  We cannot teach the 3rd commandment (Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy) without expecting the children to actually be at the services of God's Church.  The Word of God we learn and confess must also be the Word we live out.  That is the constant message we stress in confirmation.


Children who have difficulty with memory work can work with the pastor to find ways to finish their assignments in a satisfactory way.