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Who Are We?

We are a confessional Lutheran congregation in the heart of Iowa and a member of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Our mission is simple: proclaim Christ crucified and risen as our Savior from sin and as the only path to eternal life. We confess that in Christ there is forgiveness for any sin, and through forgiveness any life can be reconciled to God. We gather weekly as people in need of God’s grace and mercy and invite any who likewise see those needs to join us. Our congregation follows the traditional liturgy of the Church and offers the Lord’s Supper weekly to all who want and are able to receive it. Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to join us.

9:00 AM

Bible Class

Children's Sunday School and Adult Bible Study are at this time to any who would like to attend.

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10:00 AM

Divine Service

The Lord's Supper is offered every Sunday. Visitors who would like to commune are asked to please talk to the pastor prior to the service.

7:30 PM

Lent + Advent

During the seasons of Lent and Advent we follow the service of Vespers on Wednesday evenings at this time.

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