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Our congregation has been blessed to help Lutherans in Kenya. The Arch-bishop of the ELCK (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya), Joseph Omolo, has visited our congregation numerous times. We have helped raise funds for orphans through Hope for the Destitute and in financing houses for widows. We have also send financial support to the ELCK seminary. Support for Arch-bishop Omolo and the ELCK is a regular part of our congregation’s budget.

More About Hope for the Destitute

Hope for the Destitute is a nonprofit organization in Kisumu, Kenya that provides educational support for orphaned children and shelter for needy widows. Many children are orphaned as a results of the high prevalence of HIV and AIDS in this country, and are left in the care of  elderly relatives who have no source of income. Education is not free in Kenya, and many students are unable to access it, leading to unemployment and a continual chain of poverty within their families. Hope for the Destitute ensures that orphaned children can access education as well as be nurtured spiritually in Lutheran teachings and devotions. More information is available at

Interested in helping? Donations by check can be made payable to Aboite Lutheran Church and sent to the following address (please indicate Hope For The Destitute in the memo section of the check):

Aboite Lutheran Church

10312 Aboite Center Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46804

There are other ways to help. Visit for more information.


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