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Governor Reynolds has issued new guidelines for Iowa’s COVID-19 response that allows churches to hold services for more than 10 people at a time provided social distancing practices are maintained. She continues to advise those at high risk to remain at home for now. That would include the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, those with ongoing health issues, and anyone who feels sick in any way.


In light of the new guidelines, St. John’s has begun holding Divine Service for all who want to come. Congregation members from different family units will be seated in pews at least 6 feet apart. We will continue to offer only individual cups for the Sacrament and fewer communicants at a time at the rail. We would also ask our members to please not linger and visit in the entryway before or after the service.

** 11/29/20 EDIT - Because of the increased amount of COVID cases recently, the pastor and assisting elder will wear a mask in addition to gloves during communion distribution. This will hopefully help all communicants feel safer.

We also remind all our Sunday morning worshippers to please not stop and visit in the halls or entryway after service. The recent outbreak requires greater diligence in keeping separation between people, especially in settings like Church.


We will keep offering 20 minute devotions with communion on Saturdays for those who wish to continue isolating for the foreseeable future.


There will be sign-up sheets below and on the bulletin board in the church hallway as before. Thank you.

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