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*Updated on 12/03/21

We will be returning to a more “normalized” practice at St. John’s due to the increase in vaccinations and the drop in COVID infections. There will be no more spacing between seats. You may sit wherever you desire.


We will also be changing communion practices and the common cup will be offered again. Communicants will be ushered up in groups of 12 to 14. There is no need to distance between people at the rail. The pastor will serve the entire group the body of Christ as has been done over the past year. The elder will follow with the empty cups for those wanting to use the pour chalice. An elder or assisting pastor will follow the pour chalice with the common cup. If you desire to use the common cup, do not take an empty cup from the elder’s tray. If you do not have an empty cup, pastor will pass by you with the pour chalice and you will be offered the common cup by the assisting elder or pastor.


We will be reevaluating other practices like the offering, greeters, and post-service greeting by pastor in the following months. Currently, Pastor will greet individuals with a handshake at the end of the service if they are comfortable. If you would prefer not to, a simple "good morning" is perfectly fine.

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